CROSSOVER - Music for All
                                                                             Lena Lemon/Vocalist
        Lena was born in Chicago IL.  She and her siblings were always traveling back and forth from the Chi to Michigan. Growing up having both the urban and the country influence,  Lena developed a unique style of song and clothing. She'll never be " the expected" when it comes to performing and her well rounded personality. Lena's influences are White Snake, Boys to Men, Earth Wind and Fire, Marry J Blidge, and Patty Labell, just to name some of the artists and groups she grew up with. As you can see, she has a wide range of music in her soul. Lena has been singing ever since she was five years old, performing in churches with her four siblings in their band called "The Little Pearls."
    Kenneth Schwartz / Rhythm & Vocals
   Ken was born and raised in Sturgis, Michigan. Mennonite roots with a "Soul Man" vibe. Yeah that's our rhythm guy. We can always count on Ken to "git 'er done". Ken's greatest musical influences are church hymns, 70s rock, and classic country. Ken's a self taught musician from the age of 14. He loves the impact that great music, lyrics, and harmony has on people. That's what drives him. Some of  Ken's favorite bands are CCR and The Beatles. He enjoys artists like Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Tom Petty, and Steve Miller.
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